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Athletic mouthguard

At its most efficient, the human body is properly aligned from top down. Unfortunately for most of us, jaw alignment and head posture is sub-optimal, resulting in "short-circuits" that impedes performance.

There are three primary categories of mouthguards: stock, boil-and-bite, and custom fitted. The stock and boil-and-bite are the least performing. The custom fitted is not as performing as the neuromuscular one.

The athletic neuromuscular mouthguard made by Dr. Delessert works by bringing your jaw into alignment position optimized for performance. This enhanced alignment position allows the body to operate much more efficiently.

This mouthguard is a sport appliance that is custom made to fit the user by certified dentists using sophisticated computer technology. By aligning the jaw to its optimal resting position, the mouthguard has been shown to unleash instant improvement in strength, explosive speed, balance, range of motion, agility and endurance -all vital components of athletic performance. Improvement will occur when muscles in the face are properly aligned and relaxed, which causes better muscle recruitment and vertebrae alignment.

There is an impressive and growing stable of athletes using the neuromuscular athletic mouthguard including All-Pro NFL Athletes, PGA Golfers, NBA All Stars, MLB Batting Champs, as well as World champion boxers and mixed martial artists (MMA), Skiers, Soccer and Hockey players, weight-lifters and runners.

The Elite/Signature series for the professional and competitive athletes at the highest levels is a must. Through a fitting process involving relaxation of the jaw muscles (TENS by Myotronics) and sophisticated computerized measurements to pinpoint optimal alignment accurate to within 0.1  millimeter, the Elite provides the highest level of performance improvement. The Elite represents the pinnacle in sports performance mouthguards.

The 1.0 offers an intermediate level of performance enhancement through an alignment process that involves relaxation of the jaw muscles (TENS by Myotronics). This improvement in alignment facilitates too the enhancements in strength, balance, range of motion, and flexibility that have redefined the boundaries of athletic performance.

The Elite and the 1.0 are available only through the network of certified dentists with Neuromuscular Dentistry training and K7 equipment.

Athletes' performance dramatically improves with a neuromuscular fitted mouthguard. Their use has also been promoted in an effort to reduce concussion frequency and severity. Mouthguards function by distributing impact stresses which results in a reduction of force transmitted to the face.

Find out how these two neuromuscular mouthguards can help you achieve your potential.

To learn more about neuromuscular dentistry : www.douleurmachoire.ch