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Do you have headaches/TMJ disorders?

Muscle tension headache is by far the most prevalent type of headache. It is often a component of some headaches diagnosed as migraine. Malocclusion can result in sustained muscle contraction leading to pain. Poor occlusion (bite) might result from an injury to the head and neck or chin, or from a whiplash car accident, or from an intubation for a general anaesthesia, or from any dental treatment like orthodontic, fillings, crowns and bridges and even a prophylactic treatment (dental hygienist). Also arthritis of the joint or any remodelling of it will cause a poor bite and a poor bite will cause a remodelling of your joints which might become painful.

"TMJ", although it has become almost a household word, is a non-specific, catch-all term for a variety of pain/dysfunction conditions of the head and neck. It was originally derived from "Temporomandibular Joint", your jaw joints - once thought to be the source of most of these ailments. These can include painful clicking or popping of the jaw joint, various types of head and neck pain, swallowing problems, postural problems, and excessive snoring or sleep apnea, to mention a few. You may normally think of a number of the symptoms of TMD as being medical conditions, not related to dentistry.

Neuromuscular dentistry (NMD) is a term applied to techniques that expand upon the traditional approach to dentistry and considers the entire system that controls the position, the function of the jaw, the bite and eliminates the pain.

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